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About us

The quality of our services is based on the scientific competences of the founders. External experts are involved to provide a broad spectrum of services…

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Besides offering consulting and various theoretic and experimental services, the DBI-Virtuhcon GmbH also professionally markets research results and patents and develops new services…

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If you are looking for solutions for the utilization of fuels as raw materials, the DBI-Virtuhcon GmbH founded in 2014 will be your competent partner.

Thereby, the companies name “German Fuel Institute DBI-Virtuhcon” is our mission. The company relies on several centuries of experience built-up since the foundation of the German Fuel Institute and latest knowledge of energy raw materials, conversion processes and modelling tools established during the recent years with the Centre of Innovation Competence Virtuhcon and the German Energy Raw Materials Centre.

The company offers scientific and experimentally-validated consulting and research services in the field of energetic and chemical use of carbonaceous energy raw materials. The DBI-Virtuhcon GmbH is based in Freiberg, the German heart of research and development of technologies for efficient and sustainable use of fuels.

Our customers benefit from the long-lasting experience and expertise of its founders – in particular in the field of gasification, syngas generation and utilization – the close collaboration with the Chairof Energy Process Engineering and Thermal Waste Treatment at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and a wide network of external experts from national and international renowned scientific institutions and companies.