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We develop tailored solutions meeting your requirements, in particular for difficult tasks.

We provide independent consulting services and prepare scientific, technological and economic expert reports. We analyze, model and balance your process or plant and identify critical points or perform trouble shooting. Based on results obtained from lab experiments or pilot-scale test runs and by applying scientifically sound theoretic tools, we develop new patentable process solutions, equipment components or technologies.

Our services include:

1. Independent scientific and technology consulting

  • Determination and comprehensive evaluation of process chains for energetic and non-energetic us of carbonaceous energy raw materials (in particular for thermos-chemical conversion at medium and high temperature)
  • Technology evaluation for single processes and process chains, e. g. pyrolysis, gasification, combustion, drying and briquetting etc.
  • Consulting for companies being in different project stages of planning and constructing plants for utilization of energy raw materials, e. g. support by independent review of quotations, provision of contacts between operating and OEM companies etc.

2. Laboratory analyses and characterization of energy raw materials for their application to different conversion processes

  • DIN-compliant analyses and characterization of energy raw materials, e. g. determination of caloric values, proximate, ultimate and sulfur analysis, trace element analysis, BET surface area determination etc.
  • Characterization of mineral matter und its behavior under reductive and oxidative gas atmosphere, e. g. ash melting behavior, fouling phenomena, slag viscosity, mineral matter phase analysis under high pressure and temperature etc.
  • Evaluation of the pyrolysis and gasification behavior of energy raw materials and comprehensive fuel analytical and chemical characterization of intermediate and main products

3. Process chain evaluation

  • Development and modeling-based energetic and material balancing of process chains, e. g. for syngas-based utilization of carbonaceous energy raw materials
  • Energetic, ecological and technological evaluation
  • Estimation of capital investment for equipment and operating costs at pre-feasibility study level
  • Support of feasibility studies by independent technology evaluation and consulting for technology selection and economic evaluation

4. CFD-based process development and optimization

  • Determination of material, temperature and velocity distribution and gradients in high-temperature reactors
  • Optimization of reactor concepts and development and detailed evaluation of new or advanced reactor concepts
  • Safety and weaknesses analysis of existent and new reactor designs
  • Thermal stress calculations for reactors and components
  • Slag film modeling and evaluation for entrained-flow gasifiers

5. IP commercialization

  • Development of new patentable solutions, licensing of patented solutions and joint commercialization of patents
  • Support for commercializing of patents hold by the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering at TU Bergakademie Freiberg in the field of gasification of fuels

6. Preparation of R&D projects

  • Support of companies for the definition of R&D tasks and formulation of projects in the field of energetic and non-energetic energy raw material utilization
  • Establishment of contacts and networks between suitable potential research partners to perform complex R&D projects and identification of funding opportunities
  • Procurement and preparation of projects aiming for utilization and application of the laboratory and test facility infrastructure – in particular pilot-scale test plants – available at the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering at TU Bergakademie Freiberg